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CC Translation

CC Translation

English to French Translation Services

Human Translators Only - Don't settle for machine translations

Document Translation

English to French translation of user manuals, proposals, sites, environmental studies, sales contracts & similar documents.


Business Translation

We translate signs, technical manuals, instructions, product packaging, brochures, proposals, legal documents and much more.


Multimedia Translation

Subtitles & voice overs for film, commercials plus translation for websites, video games, and smartphone apps.


When small businesses and corporations across Canada and the U.S. need accurate translation services, they turn to CC Translation. Since 1993, we have been providing high quality translation solutions to a variety of businesses.

We are able to handle English to French translation of almost anything including signs, technical manuals, instructions, product packaging, brochures, proposals, legal documents, and much more. Need subtitles or voiceovers for promotional and informational media? We can help with that too.

Why CC Translation is the Best Choice

All of our translators have French as their mother tongue . That means we not only understand what you're trying to state in English, but the best way to get the same message across in French. After a translation is finished, we have a second translator proofread your material for accuracy, at no extra charge.

Plus we offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees. We will get your project completed on-time, and keep secure backups of all translated material. Best of all, we have been helping clients just like you since 1993. So when you choose CC Translation, you will enjoy more than 20 years of translating and customer service experience.

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