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Website Translation Services

English to French Website Translation Services

Do you have a website written in English than you need a French version of? Then you're in the right place. CC Translation has been offering dependable translation services to clients across Canada and the United States since 1993. Our clients include individuals, businesses, and even government agencies. We'll get your site translated on-time, with affordable pricing.

Why Choose Us for Your Website Translation?

Website localization - which involves translating a site in order to reach a bigger audience - can be a complicated thing. Obviously, there are plenty of free translation programs online. And there are also "translation" companies that only use a computer to translate text. But when you go that route, it can lead to serious problems. Here's why.

Translation software often gives you a literal translation of your text. Those programs can't always recognize expressions, context, or the exact message that you want to get across. That's why we hire only native French and English speakers for our translation work.  What that means to you is that we understand exactly what you're trying to say in English, and how to best phrase it so that the message won't change for French speakers.

The last thing you want is for a visitor to your French language website to question how credible or professional you are, if the text doesn't always make sense in their language. Or worse yet, poorly translated text can give the wrong impression of the products or services that you provide. So why take risks with something so important?

Don't Take Risks - Choose Dependable Translators

If you deserve only the highest quality of English to French translation services, then you need to speak with the professionals at CC Translation. Choose an inexperienced company, and you may risk time and money. So contact us today. Click Here to get your free quote.